Affle owned Appnext to provide free app discovery to Health, Fitness and Medical App

New Delhi, August 19, 2020 – In support of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemicAppnext, the largest independent on-device and in-app mobile discovery platform, today announced it is offering its solution free of charge to the health, medical and fitness apps ecosystem globally.

Powered by proprietary AI technology, Appnext’s sophisticated recommendation engine connects apps with users, suggesting the relevant apps to use next, which is essential in these unprecedented times. The lockdowns and more time spent inside have significantly enhanced the need to manage nearly every aspect of life online. With such a rapid shift in consumer behavior, app discovery has become the key to well-being, staying safe and healthy while keeping in touch with friends and families. Some apps fill the void of human connection, help with fitness, relieve stress, while others enable virtual doctor consultations, online medicine purchases, and at-home medical testing.

Elad Natanson, CEO and Co-Founder, Appnext said: “Mobile devices serve as our daily gateways to everything in life and act as a reflection of our needs.  As we are collectively clinging to our mobiles like never before, app discovery is becoming a tremendously important and relevant factor. Allowing mobile users to discover apps and services exactly when needed, intuitively and efficiently, is a basic right. We are committed to supporting app developers on the front lines by accelerating their recommendation channels and more efficiently reaching users that require their services.”  

“In this new reality, it’s critical to leverage innovative technology to streamline time-intensive processes so we can focus on reaching users at the moment they need our services, creating the best possible customer experience,” said Iqbal Sandira, Head of Digital Marketing at Klikdokter, an Indonesian-based healthcare provider. “Appnext device-level app discovery and exclusive placements allow us to interact with users exactly when they need us.”

In addition to its exclusively built app discovery platform, the Appnext solution includes full transparency and control over the campaign through a continually updated dashboard, allowing app developers to quickly scale and change activity. “Appnext enables us to choose and experiment with multiple placements and set bids to boost performance,” commented Liana Pranowo Tan, Digital Marketing Manager at Alodokter. “Features like these are essential to optimizing our reach and performance.”

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