AUROBINDO KICKS OFF ‘MERAKI – Excellence with a sense of Pride and Care’

AUROBINDO KICKS OFF ‘MERAKI – Excellence with a sense of Pride and Care’

Hyderabad: Aurobindo Pharma believes that an organisation performs well when every member is well-equipped with knowledge. To attain the desired results, Aurobindo has initiated “MERAKI”, an initiative for building a Culture of Excellence at Aurobindo Pharma. Towards this, Aurobindo has taken the first step of upskilling selected employees from their Core Operations in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Methodology.

We are using a blended learning approach, it involves combination of classroom, digital learning, project and coaching which will culminate to operational and financial benefits. The Session spread over 18 week period and completing a high-impact project in certain work areas through application of the LSS Body of Knowledge. The first phase has commenced on 15th September, 2022 for 3 days.

“MERAKI will challenge us to deliver superior performance and ensure that we diligently and sustainably achieve excellence in our endeavours. The purpose of MERAKI is to ensure that we, as an organisation, will strive to excel in our business with a sense of pride in all our action.”

Mr S Damodaran, Chief Operating Officer API, Aurobindo Pharma

Speaking on the same Mr. Ravinatha Shetty
Head of API operations:  This intervention will have a three pronged benefit for the organisation; customer satisfaction, Audit readiness and Employee capability. In all this three areas this intervention will help Aurobindo excel and achieve the commitment to healthier life.

Speaking on the same Mr. UNB Raju, Head of HR said: capability building is the foundation of any organisation and Aurobindo is walking in that path, this initiative runs in parallel to our other initiatives for employee capability building. This interventions will make our organisation future fit.

On the employees selected to undergo the program, he said, “These employees will undertake projects that will help streamline our processes, so that our “commitment to build a healthier life” is appreciated by our customers and partners.”LSS is currently being extensively used across India Inc., and we at Aurobindo are embracing it to bring in irreversible improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

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