Control Diabetes through awareness and proper education

Control Diabetes through awareness and proper education

This World Diabetes Day, Dr. N Bhavani, Senior Diabetologist at Kamineni Hospitals advises early diagnosis and shares remedies to overcome Diabetes.

  • Diabetes is a condition where our body is not able to properly process and use the glucose from the food we eat.
  • Types of Diabetes
  • Type I  : Diabetes Mellitus

Type I Diabetes Mellitus is commonly seen in childhood. It accounts around 10% of diabetic population.

  • Type II : Diabetes Mellitus

Type II Diabetes Mellitus is the more common type seen in adults above the age of 40 years. Butr in the present scenario it is very much seen from the second decade of the life.

  • Gestational diabetes

This is seen during pregnancy and those who develop gestational diabetes are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

Causes/ Risk factors:

  1. Family history of diabetes
  2. Obesity or overweight
  3. Sedentary Life style
  4. Prediabetes
  5. Gestational Diabetes
  6. Smoking


  1. Increased thirst
  2. Frequent Urination
  3. Extreme hunger
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Fatigue
  7. Weakness
  8. Jingling and numbness in hands and feet


  • Glycated  Hemoglobin ( GHbA1C)
  • This test does not require the patient to be fasting.
  • GHbA1C

                                           – < 5.7 – Normal

                                          –  5.7-6.4 indicates prediabetes

                                           – >6.5 – Indicates Diabetes

  • Fasting Blood Sugar

                                        Fasting Blood Sugar below 100 is normal

                                                                                          100-124 – Prediabetes

                                                                                           > 125 – Diabetes

  • Random Blood Sugar

A Blood sugar level of 200mg/dl or more suggests that the patient is diabetic.


  • Healthy eating

                       (Cut down on cool drinks, fast food, processed food, & meats)

  • Workout regularly/ Exercise regularly, Loose weight

Prevention of Diabetes:

  • Cut down on sugars and carbohydrates from the diet.
  • Workout properly
  • Weight loss
  • Quit smoking
  • Limit the quantity of alcohol intake

“Diabetes teaches you discipline. It teaches you to eat right and exercise. Have a positive approach and do not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying life. Type II Diabetes is not going to kill you. There is no “ I will start tomorrowStart Today” Said Dr N Bhavani, Senior Diabetologist at Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Visit your doctor/ Diabetologist regularly.

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