Doctors at Kamineni Hospitals Remove Large Renal Tumour (large papaya sized) from a Patient

Doctors at Kamineni Hospitals Remove Large Renal Tumour from a Patient

Hyderabad:  Following a complex surgery, doctors at Kamineni Hospitals gave a new lease of life to 64-year-old Social Activist Bhasker Rao, resident of Narasapuram, West Godavari District. He was brought to Kamineni Hospitals, LB Nagar, with complaints of frequency, urgency, and nocturia.

The patient gained belly fat and experienced discomfort for almost 6 months. He was suffering from a dull ache in the right side of his abdomen. The patient had to undergo an ultrasound in which a renal tumour was diagnosed. He also underwent contrast enhanced CT scan, Doppler ultrasound. On evaluation, he was found to have a large tumour of size 15*12*10 arising from the right kidney. The tumour seemed to be the size of a large papaya. The mass was adherent to under the surface of the liver, and head of the pancreas, duodenum and colon.

Three fourth of the right kidney of the patient got totally damaged and doctors removed it through open surgery as that kidney was not suitable for normal functioning. However, the left kidney is functioning normally and creatinine levels are normal.

“He was started out on treatment and underwent right radical nephrectomy. Fortunately, the tumour was benign and the patient had no co-morbidities, which enabled a faster recovery. Postoperatively he recovered very well. Genetic disorders and gene mutations may be one of the reasons for such tumours,” said Dr. V Vishnu Vardhan, Senior Urologist & Dr Amar Kuma, Urologist, Kamineni Hospitals, LB Nagar, Hyderabad.

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