Government of Telangana and Netherlands to explore opportunities in Cybersecurity

Hyderabad: Dutch government and Hague Security Delta in collaboration with Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, Telangana organised a conference for enabling Telangana-Netherlands collaboration in cybersecurity.Mr.Timo Koster, Ambassador-at-Large – Security Policy & Cyberalong with the delegation of Dutch organizations from Hague Security Delta graced the event. Technology leaders from various multinational companies, start-ups, and academia were present at the event discussing ways and strategies to secure cyberspace.

This global partnership aims to bring together the sharing of best practices to prevent and counter cyber threats through the existing expertise of both countries. The visit helped Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence to showcase Telangana’s innovation & talent pool in the cybersecurity domain to the government of the Netherlands. This event will foster ties between Industry, Government and Academia between the two Governments and pave the way to future strategic partnerships.

The forum also presented an amazing opportunity for some selected start-ups in the cybersecurity domain to present their ideas and enabled them to be a part of the new journey of collaborative innovation. This collaboration will catalyze Indian and Netherland’s organizations and institutes to expand their engagement and scope of business in both countries.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, ITE&C, Industries & Commerce departments, Government of Telangana said “We are extremely glad to collaborate with the Netherlands The government in the area of Cybersecurity. In India, Govt of Telangana is at the forefront in implementing cybersecurity practices. Telangana is among the first few states to roll out its cybersecurity policy. Telangana maintains leadership in cybersecurity through the newly constituted cybersecurity center of excellence”.

At the event, Timo Koster, Ambassador-At-Large – Security Policy and Cyber, Netherlands said “International rules-based order for security and stability of cyberspace is vital to foster trust, build a safer operating environment, deepen democratic values and create a conducive business climate. Happy to see increasing multi-stakeholder collaboration between India, especially the state of Telangana, and the Netherlands to build capacity and enhance cyber security cooperation”.

Joris Ben Bruinen, General Director, Hague Security Delta said “I believe that collaboration is the key to making society cyber resilient. If it comes to digitalization, especially the internet there is no difference between security & economy; they are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, we need to connect the cybersecurity community on a global scale and collaborate between India and The Netherlands. Last year, PM Modi &Rutte have agreed to work closely on cybersecurity which has been followed by several events that have only fostered the relationship between the two countries. These events will act as a strong foundation that will enable them to visualize a secure future together. This week will mark HSD’s collaboration with NASSCOM/DSCI CoE. This important milestone will be followed by collaborations with the government, academia & businesses that will, in turn, provide access to market, knowledge, innovation, finance & capital & talent”.

The delegation of companies from the Netherlands visited NALSAR to interact with students and faculty to explore collaborations since Nalsar has been teaching courses in Cyber Law for the last seventeen years. Prof. (Dr.) V. Balakista Reddy, Professor of Law & Registrar at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad said “Law and Technology need to go hand in hand. The challenge now is that law is playing catch up with Technology. This conference organized by the Dutch government and Hague Security Delta in collaboration with Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence has helped me a lot in learning new things and I would like to congratulate the organizers for it.”

Dr. Sriram Birudavolu, CEO, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CoE), DSCI, added, “Telangana Cybersecurity CoE is a hub for cybersecurity and privacy initiatives and programs. We are happy to collaborate with the Netherlands government and The Hague Security Delta to run joint programs for innovation, incubation and capability building. The CoE facility will be launched in November 2019 and we invite all the players in the ecosystem to participate and benefit from these collaboration programs”.

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