Kamineni Hospitals Conducts Awareness Program on Child Safety

Kamineni Hospitals Conducts Awareness Program on Child Safety

Hyderabad: On the occasion of Child Safety and New Born Care Weeks (14th November – 20th November) Kamineni Hospitals has conducted a Child Safety awareness program at LB Nagar today. Child Safety Week is a movement aimed at raising awareness on issues related to safety of children and child sexual abuse-related issues. 1 in 2 children in India are affected by Child Sexual Abuse. Proper knowledge and educating children and parents can prevent these issues to a restricted level.

Child safety is also an area concerned with limiting children’s exposure to hazards and reducing any sort of harm to children. Children should never be allowed to participate in any form of child labour, such as slavery, forced labour, drug production or trafficking. Sexual abuse and exploitation can happen to both girls and boys with the attendant dangers. And this can happen at their home, school, workplace or community.

The good news is that some organisations have spent decades working on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse to deliver ground-breaking assistance to parents, teachers and adults in their endeavour to teach children Personal Safety.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Kanchan S Channawar, Senior Paediatrician, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad said, “Home is a prime location for your children to take risks. So, it is important that you prepare your home to minimize injuries and falls. Most adults feel ill-equipped to discuss such a sensitive, deemed-to-be-complex topic with young children. Up to 60% of injuries under the age of 4 occur at home. These can be avoided with a few precautions. It is the responsibility of adults to keep children safe.”

“All new born’s require essential new born care to minimize the risk of illness and maximize their growth and development. Few safety measures include: Washing hands or using hand sanitizer before handling a baby, supporting baby’s head and neck, feeding baby frequently whether you are breast feeding or using formula. Never leave your baby alone with a toddler, a pet, a bottle, or on a soft surface. Don’t let your baby suck or chew on any soft plastic (vinyl) items, including toys and bibs. Soft vinyl contains harmful chemicals.” says Dr. R. V. Soujanya, Senior Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad.

“Parents should converse regularly with their children, spend time with them, play games related to safety, read for them story books with the message of safety, and make them learn to differentiate between a ‘good’ touch and a ‘bad’ touch. Parents should also educate their children on proper Road Safety Rules and regulations,” added Dr. Kanchan.

More than 100 parents, children, patients and Kamineni Hospitals staff participated in this awareness program.

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