Kamineni Hospitals launches ‘Department of Allergy and Immunology’ at King Koti

Kamineni Hospitals launches ‘Department of Allergy and Immunology’ at King Koti

Hyderabad: Kamineni Hospitals, an outstanding healthcare provider of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, today launched a new department — The Department of Allergy & Immunology at King Koti, Hyderabad. The launch coincides with the International Allergy Week. The event was led by Dr. Vyakarnam Nageshwar, Consultant Allergist, Immunologist & Sleep Disorder Specialist and Director, Department of Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Sri Aditya, COO, Kamineni Hospitals, King Koti, has graced the occasion.

According to estimates, Allergy One of the top 3 deadly non communicable diseases in India. An estimated 30 Crore Indians suffer from different kinds of allergies., people are affected by this medical condition, in various stages, in the country. Generally, allergies are triggered by certain objects like pollen or certain foods like chocolate. While antihistamines play a big role in keeping allergies under control, the more people-friendly approach is to locate the triggers and avoid them.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Gayatri Kamineni, COO, Kamineni Hospitals, said, “There is an increasing need to expand the number of allergy/clinical immunology specialists, as well as local and regional diagnostic and treatment centers in order to facilitate timely referrals for patients with complex allergic diseases. Our goal is to guarantee universal availability of affordable and cost-effective medical facilities to patientsPresently, there are millions of people who do not have access to care by specialists in allergy. Moreover, epinephrine auto-injectors, certain drugs for the treatment of severe asthma, allergen-specific immunotherapy, and certain drugs to treat adverse reactions to biologicals and chemotherapeutic agents in desensitization centers are not available in many parts of the country.”

On the occasion of the launch of the new department, Dr Vyamkarnam Nageshwar, Director Department of Allergy and Immunology, said, “Nowadays, every second person in India suffers from some kind of allergy. Post the COVID-19 pandemic, the incidence of allergies has increased. Seasonal allergies too, affect a large number of individuals. The main objective of the launch of this department is to provide best treatment with proper facilities to our patients.”

It is Kamineni Hospitals’ endeavour to raise the level of awareness about allergic diseases and related disorders, and make all efforts to provide training and resources for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of allergies and related diseases, the prevalence of which is increasing world-over, added Dr. Vyakarnam Nageshwar.

On the occasion of the launch of the new department, Kamineni Hospitals announced a special package for screening allergies. The program starts on 6 June, and will continue till 13 June.

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