KFin Technologies launches its new brand identity

KFin Technologies launches its new brand identity

Hyderabad: KFin Technologies Private Limited (“KFintech”), an established SaaS company in India has announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity reflective of its corporate ethos.

The new brand identity has been indigenously designed to symbolise KFintech’s transformation and evolution as a company with foundational tenets of trust, technology and thought leadership. The triskelion motif represents a trifecta of the mentioned tenets culminating in Transformation representing rotational symmetry, usually denoted by three interlocking spirals.

The Golden Ratio incorporated in the logo ensures that the three arms in the design proportionately follow it, to depict a perfect symmetry and interdependence among its communication pillars. The letter ‘K’ represents Kinetic energy symbolizing the innate energy of the entity in motion. The tagline, ‘Experience Transformation’ reinforces KFintech’s role as a TechFin company.

“With the financial services participants embracing digital – transformational technologies curated with trust and thought leadership have been playing a pivotal role in redefining the new normal. The positioning of our identity is to reflect our organization’s purpose, strategic direction and strong execution capabilities in transforming mission critical financial infrastructure solutions to be most preferred and proactive solutions provider. The new logo symbolises perpetual transformation and the infinite loop of evolution.”

Sreekanth Nadella, CEO, KFin Technologies Private Limited

“We are deeply honoured for the trust that our clients and other stakeholders have reposed in us. As they say, “the best brand you can wear is your own identity” our new brand identifies itself with our unwavering commitment to transform the solutions and better the outcomes for the common good of all stakeholders.” Nadella added.

Hanisha Vadlamani, Chief of Brand & Corporate Communications, KFin Technologies Private Limited said, “KFintech as a brand has affinity and resonance to transform and meet the growing expectations of the consumers. The new brand identity and the ‘triskelion’ in the logo embody the corporate ethos of KFintech. While retaining the legacy of our brand name, the new look and feel of the brand are designed to internalize the core tenets and to convey to the world our coming-of-age transformation to be a critical pillar in the asset management industry.”

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