Hyderabad: In view of the COVID-19 pandemic that has restricted the movements of every citizen of the country, Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited, a StartUp in the PathLab chain segment, has ramped up its Anywhere Anytime services. The Anywhere Anytime service is first in the diagnostics space in the country and will offer Free Round the Clock lab services at doorstep during the lockdown. The full-fledged sample collection and ECG services are offered in Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Hyderabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Aishwarya Vasudevan, Group Chief Operating Officer, Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited said, While the lockdown is a much-needed move to limit the community’s chance of exposure to the Coronavirus, Neuberg believes that medical care should be made available to people in the most convenient manner possible even in the present scenario. In this context, we have combined the use of technology and patient care to make our Anywhere Anytime services available to our patients within the confines and comfort of their homes.

As part of the ‘ANYWHERE ANYTIME’ initiative, samples can be collected at any time from a patient’s home, subject to the place maintaining basic standards of hygiene and privacy. The service would be catered by Neuberg’s certified and experienced phlebotomists who have been trained to follow safety protocols before and after collecting samples, ensuring maximum safety for the patient and themselves.

This is an ideal moment when technology and convenience should take the lead in terms of facilitating healthcare delivery. So when ‘work from home’ can become a way of life during these difficult times, why not ‘Health from Home’,especially for Older adults and people who have chronic conditions who need to be at the top of their health to stay fit to fight infections.” adds Aishwarya.

Neuberg strictly follows a 7-point protocol for home collection services…

§  Exclusive, sealed, hygienic sample collection kit for every patient

§  Sealed needles are opened in front of the patient

§  A new face mask is worn before entering the venue of sample collection

§  Hands are sanitised using 70 percent Isopropyl Alcohol before and after sample collection

§  A fresh pair of gloves is used for every collection

§  In case the patients exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, they are handed a face mask before the collection

§  All sample collection materials are discarded appropriately including the customer’s mask

For more details on Anywhere Anytime Services of Neuberg, one may reach out to Neuberg Diagnostics at +91 97003 69700

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