Oasis Fertility Felicitates Senior Doctors During ART Conclave-2021

Oasis Fertility Felicitates Senior Doctors During ART Conclave-2021

Hyderabad: Oasis Fertility conducted its 4th Annual ART Conclave to create awareness of the scientific advancements and innovations in Reproductive Medicine that can enable gynecologists to treat patients in a much better way at Hyderabad today. Through this congregation, Oasis felicitated distinguished gynecologists Dr. P. Balamba, Dr.M. Sujatha, Dr Kalyani Devi, Dr Iqbal Jahan, and Dr Medabalami Anitha for their exceptional service.

Almost 30 million couples suffer from infertility in India. The parenthood journey of such couples is hampered by many factors, including clinical, genetic, and lifestyle factors. Many advanced technologies have come up in Assisted Reproductive Techniques that can help couples achieve their long-cherished dream of parenting children. Erratic lifestyle, smoking, and pesticides have become major reasons for the rise in male infertility, while PCOS, endometriosis, and delayed pregnancy are contributing to the rise in female infertility.

Mr Sudhaker Jadhav – Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Fertility, said, “The prime objective of ART Conclave is to empower the stakeholders in the field of infertility and equip them with the right skills and knowledge, which in turn can bring the joy of parenthood in the lives of thousands of couples. We are extremely privileged in felicitating KOIs (Key Opinion Leaders) who are eminent persons in their own right and have worked tirelessly even during the pandemic to keep the flame of hope burning in the lives of others. As we all know “With great power comes great responsibility”, ethics and transparency should form the bedrock of fertility treatment, come what may.”

Talking about the objective of the event, Dr Sreevani Kotha, Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, said, “Innovations and new techniques are happening at lightning pace but these do not penetrate and reach the last person. Hence, through this kind of congregation, we aspire to educate fertility experts, gynecologists, embryologists, and the rest of the community on various new possibilities that can help bring better outcomes in patients. Infertility is increasing at a staggering rate and dissemination of right information regarding technology and treatment options is the need of the hour. An advanced technique like fertility preservation which allows for the preservation of fertility for future conception is a boon to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. But unfortunately not many know of this development.’’

Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Chief Embryologist, Oasis Fertility, commented, “ART Conclave is an arena through which we intend to bridge the enormous gap that exists between the prevalence of new technologies and the fertility experts. For instance, the window of implantation plays a very important role in determining the success rate of IVF. ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) is an advanced test that can predict the right time of implantation of an embryo in the uterus. But people in tier II and tier III cities may be unaware of such a medical boon. Also, PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) helps in screening the embryos for chromosomal abnormalities, which allows the embryologists to choose only the good embryo for implantation that can result in a healthy baby. Another major disruptor in reproductive medicine is Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it is poised to play a very crucial role in grading embryos and predicting the success rate of IVF treatment. Through Machine Learning and data mining, AI can reduce human intervention by influencing decision-making and making the process faster and efficient.”

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