Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute Doctor’s from Hyderabad Treat Grandchild Of Myanmar PM

Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute Doctor’s from Hyderabad Treat Grandchild Of Myanmar PM

Hyderabad: Doctors from Hyderabad were invited to perform procedure on the grandchild of the Prime Minister of Myanmar. Dr. Nageswara Rao Koneti and Dr Shweta Bakhru, two of the senior cardiologists at Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute, travelled to Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, last week, to perform the procedure.

The 9-month-old baby was suffering from heart failure due to congenital heart disease. The team of experts from RCHI had performed ‘transcatheter device closure’ – procedure to close the defect. The baby was discharged on the next day and started doing well after the procedure.

Late. Dr Abdul Kalam started a collaborative pediatric cardiology training program between India and Myanmar with the help of Care Foundation, where Dr Rao had trained over 10 people in the areas of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, in Myanmar. He has travelled to Myanmar several times for training doctors as well as to treat children. Due to his excellence and experience, the Prime Minister of Myanmar and his son invited Dr Rao and his team of doctors from Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute to perform the procedure on Prime Minister’s grandchild.

Keeping in mind the pandemic and the safety of the doctors, all the special travel arrangements were made with all the necessary precautions and safety measures. Prime Minister’s son has proposed a collaboration with Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute for the treatment of numerous poor children in Myanmar in the upcoming years. The team had performed the same procedure on 15 more children who were suffering from congenital heart disease, in the same trip.

The team of doctors have also visited the naval base and museum of Myanmar where they were felicitated by the Commander-In-Chief, Navy of Myanmar, for their work. “One of the best naval base in Asia-pacific region. All the crew and officers are very cordial and provided valuable information. The Myanmar naval & Indian naval relationship is amazing & bilaterally beneficial to both the countries. Jai Hind” said Dr Nageswara Rao Koneti.

Rainbow Children’s Hospitals is amongst the best children’s hospital in India and is recognized as a leader in women and pediatric care. Extending it’s services, the Group has set up Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute, an exclusive heart centre, to provide the most comprehensive treatment for children with congenital and other cardiac issues. Backed by the expertise of Rainbow Children’s Hospital and driven by a formidable team of cardiac experts, RCHI offers the best for children with Cardiac ailments.

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