Support extended to underprivileged by Polavaram ITDA Project officer Rachabattuni Venkata Suryanarayana

Polavaram ITDA Project officer Mr. Rachabattuni Venkata Suryanarayana has extended immense support towards Rehabilitation of the poor people in the district. He has also supported Tribal people in the area by given them shelter and sustainable livelihood. It was absolute necessary to start construction of Polavaram Project as there has been Rehabilitating and Resettlement of 8 villages. He was worked in several development areas and serviced to the Public.

  • Worked as Dy, Tahsildar, Tahsildar (Executive Magistrate), Dy.Collector/Sub. Collector(Sub. Divisional Magistrate), Addl. Joint Collector (Addl. District Magistrate)
  • Dy. Tahsildar – Gurajala, Repalle, Vemuru, Tenali, Collector Office
  • Tahsildar  -Vatticherukuru, Nagarikallu, Vemeuru, Kovuru(Nellore dist.) Tadikonda
  • Dy. Collector – P.D, Micro Irrigation Eluru, Dy. Commissioner Labour (FAC)Eluru, District Panchayat Officer, Eluru, Land Acquisition Officer (Polavaram Irrigation Project) Eluru,
  • Dy. Collector – O.S.D. to MIniserNakkaAnandbaabu (misister for Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare and Cinematography.)
  • Sub.Collector – Kukunuru
  • Addl. Joint Collector – Project Officer Integrated Tribal Development Agency, K.R.Puram West Godavari Dist.
  • Worked with IAS – Ch. Sambasivarao, PunamMalakondiahV.N.Vishnu, HeralalSamariya, Anil Kumar Singal, Ramakrishana Rao, Jaya Lakshmi, Rahul Bojja, Vani Mohan, Siddarth Jain, KantilalDande, Pola Bhaskar, Katamanenei Bhaskar, Baburao Naidu, R.P.Sisodia, S.S.Rawath, Revu Mutyalaraju
  • Served with Ministers -EvuriSitaravamma, Kodela Siva Prasad, Kasu Krishna Reddy, KannaLaxminarayana, DokkaManikyaVaraprasad, Pitani Satyanarayana, Pitala Sujata, NakkaAnandababu,Alla Kali Krishana (nani)
  • Rendered Service as a Revenue man Land Revenue/Water tax collections by collecting tax from chronic cases and also from MLAs Ministers, political people  stand First in District several Times
  • Introduced Coupon System for Public Distribution System in 1998
  •  Conducted several Elections from Ward to Parliament,
  • Worked under Election Commission of India as BLO to Election Observer
  • Assisted Indian Cricket team in Nagpur in a test match in 1987Assisted His Holiness Dalai lama in Kalachakra held at AmaravatiIn 2006
  • Handover 101 dead bodies to the families of demised in the delta train Accident
  • Made a breakthrough after 10 years In Polavaram Project by Rehabilitating and Resettlement of 8 villages people whichare very crucial to start construction of Polavaram Project afterRehabilitation of those villages the project construction was started
  • Received many numbers of Commendation awards from District Collectors and Ministers
  • Received CHAMPION OF DEMOCRACY Award from Election Commission of India
  • Received Best service award from Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on the eve of Godavari MahaPushkaram 2015
  • Received GOLD Medal from His Highness Governor of Andhra Pradesh Red cross service
  • Met His Highness President of India along with delegation of Government of Andhra Pradesh 
  • Received Honorary Doctorate in 2019 from Ballas bridgeUniversity  Kerala for my service
  • Polavaram  Number of Mandals 5
  • Polavaram , Buttaigudem, Jelugumali, Velerupadu, Kukunoor and Gram panchayats around 69, and  Habitations 405 public of people Total Population 187929,  and total house holds 53998,  Forest area ST Population 97029, and total ST house holds 28167,  and Total PVTG population 10827 in 60 habitation
  • Total PVTG house holds 2921.

In corona toured entire tribal villages and given awarenes how be  carefull with covid 19 to tribals and served grosories to the tribal families who are in starving stage safe garded them not to attack covid 19

In corona time all schools closed, first time in AP  I ordered 10th teachers to go to students villages(as there are living in interiar villages where phone signal not availabale) teach them in thair homes it given moral support to the students and cleared thair doubts by teacher

Serving the Tribes for their better living.

Mr. Rachabattuni Venkata Suryanarayana distributing groceries to tribal women

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