Magniflex India Expands Its Presence in Hyderabad with Exclusive Dealership Store

Magniflex India Expands Its Presence in Hyderabad with Exclusive Dealership Store

Hyderabad: Magniflex India, the renowned European mattress brand with over six decades of experience, has announced the opening of a new dealership outlet in Hyderabad. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Nhance, Jubilee Hills, this exclusive store is set to cater to the luxurious lifestyle of the region’s residents, adding a touch of Italian elegance to their homes. This strategic expansion is poised to strengthen Magniflex’s retail footprint in the state, reaffirming its commitment to innovation in the world of sleep and comfort.

Spanning an impressive 36,000 square feet, the new store will serve as a showcase for Magniflex’s premium products. Customers can explore an extensive collection of mattresses, including popular models like Magnistretch, Magnicool, Magnigel, Massaggio Delux, Massaggio Light, Ricordo, and Vitale Dolce. With such a diverse range of offerings, the store aims to cater to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect solution for their sleep needs.

What sets this dealership apart is its commitment to offering authentic Italian craftsmanship and innovation. All products available at this store are directly imported from Italy, providing customers with a taste of European luxury. To further enhance the shopping experience, knowledgeable product experts will be on hand to guide customers through the touch-and-feel process, allowing them to experience the quality and comfort of Magniflex mattresses firsthand.

“Hyderabad boasts a substantial number of ultra-high net worth individuals, and we have witnessed a growing demand for high-quality mattresses. Therefore, we decided to expand our dealership presence within the state. The collaboration between Magniflex and Nhance, a distinguished Italian furniture company, is ideal due to our shared expertise in serving the luxury market. This new store will exclusively feature exceptional mattresses and accessories, meticulously crafted to provide a restorative and tranquil sleeping experience, ultimately enhancing the daily productivity of our discerning clientele.”

Mr. Anand Nichani, Managing Director of Magniflex India, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion

Magniflex India has already established a strong foothold in the market, with a network of six exclusive franchise stores and dealer partnerships across major cities in India. The company is on track to further expand its presence in the southern markets of India by the end of the fiscal year 2023-24.

With the opening of this new dealership store in Hyderabad, Magniflex India aims to provide residents with access to top-tier Italian mattresses, pillows, and accessories, delivering unparalleled comfort and contributing to the well-being of its customers.

For more information, visit the new Magniflex dealership store at Nhance, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, or explore their product range online at

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