V-Guard Launches ‘Arizo’ Next-Generation Melt-Resistant and Eco-Safe Wires

V-Guard Launches ‘Arizo’ Next-Generation Melt-Resistant and Eco-Safe Wires

Hyderabad: In a significant stride towards enhancing electrical safety and sustainability standards, V-Guard, a prominent player in India’s electrical, electronics, and home appliances sector, has unveiled its latest innovation – Arizo Wires. This revolutionary product, powered by cutting-edge e-beam technology and boasting zero-halogen low-smoke properties, is set to redefine the landscape of electrical wiring technology.

The unveiling of Arizo Wires comes at a pivotal moment as the Indian Housing Wires & Cables market experiences robust growth projections, estimated to reach a staggering 22-25,000 Cr (INR) with a notable growth rate of 9%-10%. With an escalating demand for safer and eco-friendly solutions, Arizo Wires emerges as a game-changer, promising consumers unprecedented peace of mind.

Arizo Wires distinguishes itself through its advanced e-beam processing technique, delivering a remarkable 75% increase in current carrying capacity compared to conventional FR PVC wires. This technological advancement significantly enhances both the electrical and physical strength of the wires, rendering them highly heat-resistant, melt-resistant, and fire-retardant. Consequently, Arizo Wires mitigate the risk of short circuits and fire hazards, ensuring heightened safety for homes and businesses alike.

Moreover, Arizo Wires are meticulously crafted from lead-free and non-carcinogenic raw materials, adhering to stringent ROHS and REACH standards. This eco-conscious approach not only makes them environmentally friendly but also guarantees the absence of toxic gas emissions during fire accidents, further enhancing their safety profile.

Armed with 99.97% pure copper for superior conductivity and boasting conformity to national and international standards, including the prestigious Conformité Européenne certification (CE), Arizo Wires epitomize reliability and performance excellence. Designed for optimal convenience and durability, these wires offer flexibility for seamless installation and feature moisture-defying armor to ensure longevity and resilience in diverse weather conditions.

“We are thrilled to introduce Arizo Wires, the epitome of electrical safety and sustainability. With Arizo, consumers can rest assured that they are investing in a product that prioritizes their safety and contributes to a greener future.”

Mr. Ramachandran V, Director & COO of V-Guard Industries Ltd

The launch of Arizo Wires marks a significant milestone for V-Guard, underscoring its commitment to delivering high-quality products while championing safety and sustainability. Complemented by the introduction of two other advanced offerings – SUPERIO+ Eco Safe Wires and ELEGNA MCBs – V-Guard reinforces its position as an industry leader dedicated to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

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