Shriram Life Drives Insurance Awareness, Donates Books to Govt School in First Act as Lead Life Insurer in Telangana

Shriram Life Drives Insurance Awareness, Donates Books to Govt School in First Act as Lead Life Insurer in Telangana

Hyderabad: Shriram Life Insurance, taking the reins as the lead life insurer in Telangana, initiated a groundbreaking insurance awareness campaign titled ‘Fuelling Dreams, Powering Education.’ The campaign commenced at Zila Parishad High School (ZPHS) in Shivarampally, Rangareddy district, where Shriram Life Insurance MD & CEO Casparus Kromhout presented a generous donation of library books to the school principal, M Kishan, amidst the school assembly.

In a bid to underscore the pivotal role of grassroots education in empowering children across communities to make informed life decisions, Shriram Life Insurance conducted this initiative. Moreover, the campaign serves as a commemoration of the Shriram Group’s impending Golden Jubilee Year in April next year.

As we celebrate our Group’s 50-year journey, we are reflecting on our commitment as an insurer to the public. As the lead life insurer for Telangana, our commitment extends beyond business to community welfare.

Casparus J H Kromhout, MD & CEO of Shriram Life Insurance

The ‘Fuelling Dreams, Powering Education’ campaign unfolded as a bike rally, led by Casparus Kromhout and senior leaders of Shriram Life Insurance, accompanied by fifty team members of the company. Spanning 24 kilometers, the rally served as a platform for spreading insurance awareness, fostering community engagement, and constructing a roadmap for insurance inclusion. Shriram Life Insurance aspires to inspire more individuals to secure their lives, aligning with IRDAI’s mandate of ‘Insurance for All’ by 2047.

With a mission to provide insurance coverage to all segments of society, especially in vulnerable areas, Shriram Life has achieved significant milestones, registering a 30% growth in retail new business premium and a 24% increase in retail policies sold up to November 2023. In the last fiscal year, the company recorded an impressive claim settlement ratio of 97.4%, settling non-investigated claims within 12 hours based on the last document received (LDR). Shriram Life Insurance’s commitment to community welfare and education echoes its dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals across Telangana.

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