Varthana Makes Affordable Schools a Reality in Telangana

Varthana Makes Affordable Schools a Reality in Telangana

Hyderabad: Varthana, a non-banking financial company (NBFC), is transforming the educational landscape in Telangana by making affordable schools a reality for the middle- and lower-income groups. In a sector dominated by financial constraints and numerous challenges, Varthana emerges as a beacon of support, aiding over 565 schools in Telangana alone.

Despite the proliferation of educational choices for the affluent, a significant portion of the Indian population relies on government schools and affordable private schools. Varthana addresses the struggles faced by these institutions, providing financial assistance for infrastructure development and other amenities crucial for a quality education.

The impact of Varthana’s initiatives is exemplified by the success stories of New St. Maria High School and Akshara School in Hyderabad, Telangana. Mrs. Jhansi Rani, School Owner of New St. Maria High School, expresses her gratitude for Varthana’s support in their expansion plans and educational enhancements. Varthana’s Kyan Digital Solutions and Unlock Bridge content books have played a pivotal role in improving students’ foundational numeracy and literacy skills.

Furthermore, Mr. Srinivasa Reddy Gangula of Akshara School attests to Varthana’s instrumental role in their journey to enhance school infrastructure, enabling significant growth in student population and overall development.

Varthana’s influence extends across 15 states, benefitting over 9,000 affordable private schools and impacting four million students nationwide. In Telangana alone, Varthana has injected a remarkable ₹158 crore into the state, showcasing a commitment to the growth and success of educational institutions.

Beyond financial assistance, Varthana stands out by collaborating with schools at every juncture, offering teacher upskilling, owner management training, technological support, and educational loans for students. The company’s holistic approach underscores its dedication to promoting academic excellence and supporting the overall development of schools and students.

As India’s economy experiences rapid growth, the need for a skilled workforce becomes increasingly crucial. Varthana’s contribution to the education sector aligns with the nation’s development goals, fostering social mobility and creating a more equitable society.

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